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Why use Lightweight Cycling Frame Bag?

Why use Lightweight Cycling Frame Bag?

Issue Time:2021-03-22
Before the start of the formal journey experience, I would like to share my mental journey, from the perspective of bicycle enthusiasts and pure consumers, to talk about why I chose a lightweight bicycle rack bag.

For long-distance bicycles, you must consider your luggage. Even if you are "extremely light", you must bring two changes of clothes. Many years ago, when I went to Hainan, I was relatively poor and couldn't afford any frame bags (there were no good products to choose from), so I chose to go into battle extremely lightly, with only cycling clothes, wallets, charger.

The clothes were tied to the handlebars, the money was packed in the pockets of the clothes, and the charger and power bank were placed in the small tail bag. Although the ride was successfully completed, the process was really "hard work." Now that the environment is different, you can choose a suitable vehicle to load more luggage and make your journey more relaxed.

So what products are available on the market to choose from?

For long-distance mountain bikes, you can choose to install racks and camel bags, just like the riders on National Highway 318, but that will make you unhappy and look bloated.

For long-distance road cars, you can install quick-release racks on the seat tube and also install camel bags, but then your center of gravity will be very back, affecting speed and handling.

Of course, you can also choose a backpack, as long as you can tolerate the soreness and pain of the shoulder and waist being strangled by the backpack after a long ride.

The frame bag combination fixed on the vehicle can indeed solve the above-mentioned pain points. The appearance is more concise, does not affect the handling to the greatest extent, is convenient to pick up, easy to disassemble, and has a guaranteed capacity. In my opinion, this form can make you more Finishing the trip calmly and calmly also looks a bit more professional, doesn't it?

The car bag combination on the market is also full of flowers. There are many domestic and imported brands. GIYO, Rock Brothers, Rhino, TOPEAK, WOHO have products at various price points, but considering the price and capacity, I think the DISCOVER combination launched by Pro, Indeed, it can cut the "itch" of a large part of the consumer group. The brand is hard, the capacity is sufficient, and the price is low. It is simply the "Xiaomi" in the bicycle industry. It satisfies my desire to go long distances, do not want to spend too much money, and want to Pragmatic consumers who want a brand of goods.

Alright, the paving is complete, let's start to see how WIN's lightweight bike rack bag is.