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Use simple methods to carry things on your bike

Use simple methods to carry things on your bike

Issue Time:2021-03-19

Whether it’s a necessities in your pocket or a well-equipped cargo bike, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of popular gear carrying methods

When you are not bound by the rider, your bicycle may be the best form, but it can also be an auspicious pack horse. Whether you only need some spare parts and essentials, or you want to ship a round of agricultural products, you can use effective pedal-friendly options. This is the solution to your shipping problem.

Light load
It can be said that even if they are not commuters, most recreational riders only need to carry multi-function tools, spare inner tubes, some tire joysticks and even keys and wallets. For this, and even more, the options are almost endless.

Waterproof Bike Storage Bag

Never underestimate the carrying potential of existing kits. Even the back pocket of the jersey can be said to be an indispensable horse riding treasure, everything can be swallowed easily, down to the mini pump. On the downside, Lycra can become a bit slack and unstable. However, custom commuter jackets usually come with a range of storage options, and commuter trousers usually have multiple pockets.

Advantages: no cost; easy to retrieve goods; special commuter kits usually have many pockets

Disadvantages: will lower clothes and make people uncomfortable; limited space

Timbuk2 bicycle seat kit Diablo large suspension
Lightweight Bicycle Frame Bag
The oldest thing: seat bags come in various shapes, sizes, colors and even assembly systems-from proprietary technology to true universal Velcro straps. With so many choices, you should be able to find a product that perfectly suits your specific needs. They are also very cheap, simple and easy to use, and can be transferred from one bicycle to another.

Advantages: cheap; large range; can be easily transferred between bicycles

Disadvantages: limited carrying capacity; easy to steal

Waterproof handlebar
Handlebar bag

I am a big fan of handlebars, although they do add a certain amount of weight to your front wheels, which may affect handling performance, but due to their limited capacity, you may not be able to carry heavy enough to truly ruin the ride. It’s worth mentioning that they are easy to use and can hold more than a saddle-shaped backpack-perfect for photographers who are keen on photography-and they usually come with a transparent top pocket, which is perfect Used for maps, or today’s mobile phones. In addition, if you choose a bike with a shoulder strap, you can easily remove it from the bike.

Pros: Quick access to content; decent ability; easy to carry when riding

Disadvantages: will affect the handling; better quality may also require a clamping system

Moisture Pack
Obviously, the design of the moisturizer first requires an integrated pouch that will provide you with important fluids when commuting across the Atacama River with your tongue, which will pay you back... But anyway, they There are also pockets that can be filled with things you might need, so why not use them?

Advantages: plenty of pockets; comfortable to carry

Disadvantages: Who really needs so much water for commuting every day?

Medium load
If you need more than daily necessities (such as lunch, some dry clothes on work clothes and a laptop), or you want to go shopping, then there are many good options.

Trek Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag
Top tube bag and frame bag
I put medium bags and frame bags (usually called "bicycle bags") in the medium load section because they can provide sufficient load-bearing capacity if used together. However, on their own, they seem to be much more useful than special spherical cushions or trolley bags. The reason is that their size and shape are limited by their location, so don't expect to carry any large individual items-for example, you may not have a laptop. But if all you need to do is transfer a bunch of spare pants and sandwiches, then fill them with boots, boots and bags.

Advantages: the weight of the cargo is on the bike, not on you; it allows you to pay attention to the equipment bag anytime, anywhere

Cons: Interesting shapes may limit carrying potential